Questing Q

Yes, on the hunt for Q's... oh my.

I have three Q creatures auditioning for ultimate creature in the X Factor of creatures.

I asked each creature a few questions. What do you excel at? Why should you rule the letter Q? Where can I find you?

First up, is the Questing Beast from the Arthurian Legends fame. It's a great way to make a start in creaturedom. Arthur is enduring. It's answers: I'm nasty and am born of incest. Violence and chaos are my fortes. I destroyed Arthur's kingdom. I am the creature of all creatures.

Quassers are sentient living ships in The Backworlds Series. They make their first appearance in Book 3, Boomtown Craze, but are whispered about in the first two books. It's answers: I kill and maim and have no mercy. You have no right to know why. I will use and exploit your kind to get what I want. The Backworlds will die. The artist did me poor justice.

Our third contestant for representing the letter Q is, Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. His answers: Nothing compares to me. I am awesome. I excel at absolutely everything.

Our illustrious judge's comments:

Rex says:

Yo, Questing Beast. Mmm hmm, yeah. Mad respect props. Yo almost as old as me in the beast game. Yo, that's something.

Quasser dude. Well, that image of you isn't so scary. Mmm hmm, yeah. But you nasty, yo. Don't want to know you.

Q, if the vote is for biggest pain in the behind, yo, you win.

Audience peeps, you decide. Your vote will send a beast on in the X Factor competition. Who should represent the letter Q?

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Q is for Questing Beast, Quassers, and Q.


  1. Q from Star Trek: Quintessential arrogance needs to be tested, tested to the point it fails.

  2. He's not anyone I'd want to know in person, but Q did make for some Star Trek fun.

  3. Quassers, oh my. They sound frightening! I think all Q wanted was a friend. Heh.

  4. I think I'll take the human Q this time.

  5. Your idea of living ships always fascinated me!

  6. I get sad every time I think about how Merlin ended. My daughter and I loved watching that series together.

  7. Q all the way-He was funny, arrogant but somewhere had a heart. How can not love this guy who made Worf one of the Merry Men:)

  8. I think I'll vote for the Quassers to move to the X factor but I gotta say, I adored Q in ST. His were always my favorite episodes!

  9. Q is awesome. Loved him on the show.

    I don't know anything about the questing beast. Now I must find out more.

  10. Q was a great character but always been fascinated by the Questing Beast since read about King rthur & The Round Table - even have book I got as a child about 45 year ago.

  11. I'd say Q wins this because his name is the letter Q not questing beast or Quasser. Just Q and that alone wins. =)

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  12. I started off hating Q in Star Trek, but he grew on me. He has my vote!

  13. Q was a wonderful character. I could never understand why he didn't become a huge star after Star Trek. He was fabulous.

  14. Oh, the Questing Beast is by far the scariest, for sure. The other two are ego driven :)

  15. Quassars do the most for my imagination. Living ships, oh, yeah!


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