A to Z Challenge - F is for Favorite Creatures

The A to Z Blogging Challenge is underway!
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Here at Untethered Realms, we're taking on the Challenge as a group. Each day, one of us will be sharing with you a fantastical creature that may be from one of our books, a favorite movie, or something we just came up with as entertainment.

F is for favorite creature. Ooo.

Who or what is your favorite creature?

M. Pax - The T. Rex in Jurassic Park always steals my heart. But this fall, I was introduced to another delicious creature, so I pick the new Dracula. Why? Because he's purty.

River Fairchild - Dragons are one of my favorite creatures. They are the central characters in book two of my Jewels of Chandra series, titled A Dragon's Lament. Who wouldn't want to fly in warm breezes and breathe fire down on their enemies?

Christine Rains - Demons. While I do enjoy stories with them as pure evil in the traditional sense, I love the modern day spins on them. I'd like to believe everyone is redeemable.

(Crowley from Supernatural)

Cherie Reich - Since River already mentioned one of my favorites (dragons), I'll go with phoenixes. I love the mythology on this majestic bird that has the ability to be reborn from the ashes. It gives me hope that we can always remake ourselves into something better.

Ellie Garratt - Choosing my favourite creature wasn't easy. Vampires or zombies? I love them both. In the end I've gone with zombies because I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Who can forget Bicycle Girl or all the different ways they've found to kill a zombie?
Angela Brown - It is so hard to pick just one favorite creature. I love dragons, vampires and angels. But of that trio, I'll go with angels. They can be great protectors, guardians and warriors and, of course, there are the fallen ones. It fills my my mind to bursting thinking of the different reasons angels have fallen, and those that have fallen because of love of a mortal woman or man....oh be still my beating heart.
Catherine Stine - Aside from my real life favorite creature, dogs, I'd have to say my fave is one of my own creation. I won't say its name because I'm posting more about it for R. But here is a sneak peek:


  1. Dragons every time for me. Powerful, beautiful and wise. With a little danger thrown in.
    Though, except for the pesky virginity requirement, I would like to meet a unicorn too.

  2. Dragons for me as well. You all made good picks though.

  3. I must admit I was expecting to see wild animals, but I would have to pick dragons from your choice. The others are too far fetched

  4. I love seeing everyone's picks! This bunch would make one heck of a story. :)

  5. Dragons seem to be winning, EC, Alex, and Bob.

    Shipwrecked on an island, Christine?

  6. Now that's the kind of Dracula I like ;) Clearly vampires are sexy ! (think Vampire Diaries)

    When I think of 'demons' - I can only picture Cole (Julian McMahon) from the TV series Charmed.

    Great post !

  7. I love your choices, ladies. I like Crowley the demon, too. Don't trust him, though!

  8. Gotta go with vampires. It's been that way since I read Bram Stoker a very long time ago.

    Since then I've read a lot of awful stuff, and some good. Watched a lot of awful stuff, and some good.

    But I continue to read and watch - ever the optimist.

  9. Much as I love dragons, demons are my favorite. They come in so many varieties, all of them nefarious and scheming. I love it when demon characters are not just randomly evil - they are so cunning that you don't see their evil until it's too late.

  10. That Dracula is my all time favorite one. Of course, anything that actor does is my all time fav. Henry VIII...he was amazing in that.

    Beautiful dragon and beautiful red bird.

    Here's to all your favorite creatures.

  11. I love Pegasus. I just felt it was beautiful and full of freedom. On the dark side-Love Dracula-my fav is the creepy Gary Oldman as he portrayed the character so well (should have one the Oscar)

  12. EC - On the upside, Dragons only eat virgins so you're safe around them. :)

    Alex and Bob - Dragons rule!

    Christine and Mary - All our creatures on one island... :)

    Dazediva - Cole was a yummy specimen!

    Gwen - I don't know of Crowley. :(

    Kevin - The old vampires were great! No sparkles. ;)

    writeorelse - Demons are wonderfully diverse. They can be funny too...at least in my world. :)

    Lee - I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen that actor in anything.

  13. Vampires for me....great post!

  14. Dragons, angels, and phoenixes all make my list. ~MPL

  15. Love reading our other choices! :)

  16. Birgit - Pegasus would be a blast to ride!

    Another vote for vampires from John!

    That's a great list, M! Phoenix has a wonderful legend.

    I know, Cherie! We have a fantastic list. :)

  17. Oh, my, I agree with everyone. I love dragons and angels. Crowley is an interesting demon and oh, I could just go on.

  18. oh my goodness! it's so hard to pick one. vampires most definitely (alucard from hellsing)

    demons yep (sesshomaru from inuyasha, sebastian from black butler, crowley of course!)

    dragons, yep. love those. (smaug!)

    the Tuatha Dé Danann scare me.

    nope, can't choose one.

  19. Great choices. I'd go with dragon or dinosaur. Or a great creature beginning with G - which you'll soon read about.

  20. Three more votes for Crowley from Susan, Melanie, and djinnia and I had to go look him up. It's the guy from BSG and Firefly! I love him. Now I feel left out of the loop!
    And yeah, the Tuatha De Danaan are some scary Fae!

  21. It took me a full five minutes just to get past Mary's Dracula *wipes drool off screen* But I'd have to go with Angela's angels *another drool worthy creature*

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  22. I'm going to have to say unicorns are my favorite creature.

    AJ's AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  23. What a fun post! I LOVE anything with any variation of angels--even fallen. Dragons are simply captivating,and I love what Christine Rains said about demons and liking to believe that everyone is redeemable. I had never given the phoenix a second thought until seeing Cherie Reich's thoughts. Glad I came across this site. :)

  24. So many great creatures. I'm not sure I could pick just one. You need to have more than one for different occasions. Like shoes. ;)

  25. It's hard to choose a favourite creature! Mine is probably a witch. :)

  26. and yes, they are people but they are not quite "human", at least not in my book. :D

  27. The new Dracula is rather delicious ;-)

  28. Dragons and phoenixes vie for number one spot with pegasi and unicorns galloping/flying on behind.

  29. I like the hippogrif in the Harry Potter stories, Buck beak. I think I would like one of those or maybe a dragon. I do like dragons.

  30. Well, dragons of course! ;) But the T-rex also gets a special mention because, c'mon, it was awesome.


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