Ice Creatures

What's in an I? Some say it's the window to the soul. Maybe into the ice.

Three ice creatures are auditioning to represent the letter I in the X Factor competition.

I asked each creature a few questions. What do you excel at? Why should you rule the letter I? Where can I find you?

The first, the icky thing in the ice in The Thing. Lots of I's there. It's answers: I excel at being gross and icky. I will scare the crap out of you. You can find me in the 1982 version of The Thing. I will make you scream and give you nightmares. [I can't argue with that.]

The second contestant is called an Im. It's answers: I have lots of secrets and I can help Backworlders defeat the Quassers - cloud-like genocidal murderous aliens. You can find me and my kind in Worlds on Edge, Backworlds Book 5. I will make you feel like you're on drugs sometimes, but I'm not horrid - except for the artist's rendition of me.

The third contestant is Snow Beast. It's answers: I excel at killing. I run around growling, slobbering, and eating people. You can find me in the movie Snow Beast. I'm the star, because I am a star.

Our illustrious judge's comments:

Rex says:

Icky thing from The Thing, yo. I think I peed myself a little. Mmm hmm, wild audition yo.

Im... yo, you strange. I like that and that awful drawing of you looks like a hairy turd. Yo, I'm laughing and that's good.

Snow beast. Mmm hmm, yo. I'm not sure about you, but thanks for entering the contest.

Yo, audience peeps. You like have big sway. Your votes will decide who goes on in the X Factor contest.

So which creature should represent the letter I?

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I is for Ims and ice creatures.


  1. Snow beast. Probably because it seems like a polar bear on steroids... Though I would be perfectly happy for them to share the crown...

  2. The Thing scared the hell out of me when I first saw the movie and it still creeps me out now :). When the head detaches and runs away *shudder*. It is by far the ickiest.
    Tasha's Thinkings - AtoZ (Vampires)
    FB3X - AtoZ (Erotic Drabbles)

  3. Hmm, I'll have to go with the Thing. Very creepy movie.

  4. It does seem that, EC. It amused me very much.

    I agree, Natasha, it's still major icky.

    It still makes me cringe and run away, Cherie.

  5. The Thing. Not that I believe the Im shouldn't be considered, but, you know, the Thing... *KjM hides in the dark*

  6. The Im!!! He looks like a maniacal copepod, kind of like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. Go Im!!!
    Cheers, marci (fuzzyundertones.com)

  7. The Thing scared the vote out of me

  8. I'm too scared to watch it again, Kevin.

    Yay for Ims! Cheers, Marci

    I hear that, Roland.

  9. I'm going with the Im. Secrets are by far the more dangerous things. I don't think the ice thing and the snow beast really think too much!

  10. Yo, Rex. I'm with you short-armed dude. The Im creature is where itz at.

  11. The Snow Beast-I forgot about that movie. I think he is misunderstood and didn't have his keurig coffee yet

  12. I'm voting for the icky thing in the ice in The Thing.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  13. Secrets can be very naughty, Christine.

    Rex says, yo fo sho, Gwen baby.

    Shrewd analysis, Birgit

    It is quite icky, Patricia

  14. Hairy turd...gotta hand it to the T-Rex! He is a most amusing judge. Jezebel is curious what would happen if the Im was dunked in punch...so I'll have to go with it. :)

  15. There's no contest - it has to be the creature from The Thing!


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