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Here at Untethered Realms, we're taking on the Challenge as a group. Each day, one of us will be sharing with you a fantastical creature that may be from one of our books, a favorite movie, or something we just came up with as entertainment.

Today is...


Wait. That isn't what you expected a banshee to look like?

Typically, a banshee is seen as an ugly old hag with long white hair and a white or gray cloak. She might either be one of the Sidhe (a fairy) or the spirit of a woman who died in a violent manner. She's an omen of death and wails nearby when someone is about to die.

There are also tales of banshees seen as animals and young women. In my book, THE ORACLE & THE VAMPIRE (Vol. 5 of The 13th Floor series), I put a twist on the old legend. A kind witch named Harriet has been cursed by a fairy. While she can live her life as a lovely young woman by day, at night, she transforms into a hideous hag and experiences visions of death. She's compelled to go to where the person's house is and scream with grief. Poor Harriet is in love with one of her neighbors and experiences a powerful vision of his death. She wants to save him, but no one believes a raving crone. Can she find a way to change her vision and save him from the horrible death fate has in store?


  1. B is for brilliant. And when I grow up I hope to become a banshee - or at least to be able to express my grief and rage as they do.

  2. This was one of my favorites of the 13th Floor collection - loved Harriet!

  3. Wow that story sounds intriguing. I will have to check out these books.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  4. B is for Bust my buttons! LOve your take on Banshees! ♥

  5. Love your particular take on Banshees! I think they should be beautiful. ;)

  6. EC, thank you! This banshee is a good one to aspire to. :)

    Julie, thanks! She's my favorite heroine in the series.

    Cherie, thank you!

    Brandon, thanks! The first book is free. :)

    Natalie, hehehe! Thank you!

    River, in some legends they were.

  7. That's such a cool twist on a banshee, Christine.

  8. Oooh - Totally want to read that now! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!

  9. I've got my own twist on banshees, but there's also the belief they live near water and if you hear one cry, you're going to die soon. I LOVED The Oracle and the Vampire.

  10. Such an underused creature.
    There's an 80's horror film with the line 'Screaming like banshees' that refers to the screams of two young men. Always struck me as funny.

  11. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge.

    Really enjoyed your post and definitely not what I expected of a Banshee ! Your book sounds really interesting too - where can I find out more about it ?

    Looking forward to the mystical characters through the challenge :)

  12. Nice twist on the old! Very cool post, thanks!

  13. We have something like this in Norwegian folklore called a Huldra. She lives in the swamp lands and has a tale :)

  14. I've always thought banshees would make a great additional to any paranormal story. I like the twist you put on it. I'll have to go check it out.

  15. Beutifula woman by day, hideous banshee hag at night--I sometimes feel that way too. :)
    No, seriously now, a beautiful "monster" is somehow more scary than an obviously forbidding one.

  16. Best looking banshee I've ever seen! :)

  17. This post is a scream! I have been enjoying the introduction of the banshee in Teen Wolf myself. Thanks for writing this!

  18. The freedom to react! I can totally understand that need!

    Harriet is a great character!

  19. I've always thought of banshees as being evil but I like the idea of them being cursed instead.

  20. the phrase "Stop Screaming like a Banshee" is often heard in our house- Never knew why, but I guess now it makes sense.

  21. I didn't know banshees changed from normal people during the day to old hags at night; sort of like me when I take off my make-up before bed!
    Gail visiting for AtoZ

  22. Damn a gorgeous Banshee-whoah~
    She needs to hide him in her cloak!
    I think I will go wake the neighbors and scream at the moon tonight-lol.
    My neighbors play practical jokes all the time-it is my turn ;D

  23. That sounds like a neat twist on the old legend. Cool idea.

  24. Mary, thanks!

    Sylvia, thank you and welcome. :)

    Crystal, thanks and I loved your twist too!

    Alex, I'll have to check that out!

    Dazediva, thanks! You can click on my blog link on the left-hand panel there and click on my 13th Floor series tab. It has everything there about the books.

    Stephsco and Diantha, thank you!

    Siv, the Huldra sounds very ominous!

    Chemist Ken, thanks! Good luck with your story.

    Catherine, ha! Me too. I totally agree.

  25. Sherry, thank you!

    SirZac, great pun! *LOL*

    Yolanda, thanks so much!

    Susan, they're very misunderstood!

    Melanie, yikes! I wouldn't want to hear screams like that!

    Gail, hehehe! Some days I look like that all day too.

    Ella, that would do the trick! :)

    J E, thanks!

  26. I love that twist. I hope to use a banshee in an MG book I'm thinking about writing. A very cool character!

  27. That sounds like a great twist.

    This also makes me think of my day job. I work at a deli/coffee shop and the expresso machine, when it's steaming milk, sounds like a banshee wailing.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  28. Gwen, thank you!

    Patricia, I know that sound. Frightening!

  29. Oooh, now that's an intriguing twist, Christine! I can relate. I've had "hideous hag" moments before coffee, although I rarely wail with grief in front of the local coffee shop.

    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  30. Great idea--doing the A-Z challenge as a group. Much less daunting that way. Poor Harriet! Hope all ends well (because I'm a sucker for happy endings)

  31. Hi Christine .. I'll look forward to reading about Harriet in book 5 of your series .. I had to come and see what B you were doing .. cheers Hilary

  32. I recall Lydia from Teen Wolf (MTV). Poor Harriet that must be awful. The banshee legend is very interesting, I always say I'm going to read up more.

  33. I was in a cyclone once, and the wind sounded like a Banshee!

  34. Samantha, thanks! As long as you get your coffee, I'm sure you'll be all right. :)

    Janine, thank you. It's so much fun doing this Challenge as a group.

    Hilary, thank you!

    Sheena-kay, I remember Lydia!

    Udita, yikes! That's frightening.

  35. Good twist on the banshee-poor thing although I believe i have met some banshees from my past:)

  36. That is a very interesting idea for a story. Sounds similar to Cassandra, cursed that no one would ever believe her.

  37. It's great to see a new twist on an old legend!

  38. mad cat, I realized the similarity between my story and the Cassandra one after the fact! I'm a big fan of myths, though.

    Ellie, thanks! :)

  39. Great creature. I know someone who sounds like a banshee.


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