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We have less than a month left in this year of 2020 

that will go down in the history books, and not in a 

good way. However, I would like to deviate from the 

gloom and doom that has taken over our homes and 

our hearts.

Let's discuss tidings of great joy, the advent of the 

Christmas season. There are traditions galore when it 

come to this Holiday. The yule log, Christmas tree, 

baubles and bangles, and twinkling lights, singing and 

listening to wonderful carols. 

Here in Buffalo, New York, its cold and snowy, and at 

times, a winter wonderland.

I am curious as to what traditions you have?

Do you hang up Christmas stockings?

Put up a Christmas Tree? When? Most homes will 

probably have their trees decorated and lit by now. 

We'll be putting our tree up within a week.

Then the volumes of Christmas cookies that are 

"Ooooo" so tasty. Do you bake or buy? Do you have a 

favorite cookie? It's hard for me to choose just one!

What kind of Christmas crafty thing do you make? With 

or without children.

How about handmade Christmas gifts? When I find the 

time, I like to crochet and quilt, which make very 

personal and special presents to those loved ones. 

For you information: 

St. Francis of Assisi created the staging of the Nativity Scene.

Germany is credited for the Christmas Tree and the 


Taken from the History Site: 

"That became a symbol of Christ - being triangular in shape it represents the trinity- and from there came the idea that the tress should be a symbol of Christ and new life."

You can learn the History of the Christmas Tree here: 

My Christmas Wishes: 

Wishing for Peace and Unity and Respect of Life. For all 

those who have left us and for all those who can't 

come home for the Holidays. Especially for our soldiers 

and the military who defend us and the world. Wishing 

them all heart-filled days and nights. 

At this stage in time, I am praying.....for normal.