A to Z Blogging Challenge - P is for Phage

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Here at Untethered Realms, we're taking on the Challenge as a group. Each day, one of us will be sharing with you a fantastical creature that may be from one of our books, a favorite movie, or something we just came up with as entertainment.

Today we have...


 (The Danaid by Rodin)

A phage is a devourer of something. The most popular type is vampires. They are, in essence, blood phages. Yet a phage can feed off many different things.

The world in my WIP, OF BLOOD & SORROW, introduces phages as demons who feed off emotions. Each type devours a certain feeling. Erin Driscol is a sorrow phage. Conveniently, she works at a funeral home, one that caters to supernatural beings. Nonhumans have death rites too.

It's said we are what we eat. Erin is a tragic character, but she has a brave and compassionate heart. Yet will she have the strength to survive whatever is stalking supernaturals at night?


  1. There are rather a lot of emotion-feeding phages among the humans too. Lots of reporters would qualify I think.
    I love the concept of a sorrow phage, and working in a funeral home is the perfect spot. I look forward to the completion of this work.

  2. I love how you used phages in Of Blood and Sorrow. :)

  3. Hi Christine .. love the word Phages - emotion feeding demons fed with blood ... Erin certainly seems to have her work cut out for her ..

    I think I might have gone off Phages! Cheers Hilary

  4. Erin will be quite healthy as so many have sorrow especially at the funeral parlour. I wonder what a Phage looks like who feeds off happiness-They must be very, very happy and once she is done she sends them to Erin since sorrow takes over

  5. What a wonderful take on Phages! Hurry up and complete your WIP! :)

  6. Can't wait to read it. Sounds wonderful!

  7. Emotions give off energy, so I can imagine creatures feeding on that.

  8. Oh, I love this! I hadn't heard of Phages before. Can't wait to read this one. :)

  9. EC, thank you. I think there are a lot of emotional vamps amongst humans too!

    Cherie, thanks! :)

    Hilary, it is a fun word to say!

    Birgit, they'd be quite peppy, I'm sure! *LOL*

    River, thank you and I'm getting there. Doing another round of revisions on it.

    Mary, thanks!

    Alex, most definitely.

    Julie, thank you!

  10. Emotional feeding demons certainly must be interesting.

  11. Love your take on Phages. Looking forward to reading it!

  12. Great post! As many speculative fiction books that I've read, I'd never heard this word before. Thanks for sharing!

  13. ew! never heard of it and gross - fascinating!

    you guys are sure having fun over here!

    almost done!!


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