Word Wizards on Trial, Super Secret Projects, Knights on Parade

Two weeks and a few days before the Realms Faire begins, and what an event it's going to be.

Samantha Geary informs me she's working on a super secret project involving her flash fiction event for the Faire. Ooo! Super secret is super exciting.

Sheriff Gwen has arrested five suspects on charges of word wizardry. They're already in the stockades. Do you know who they are?

The ten knights are polishing up their armor for the joust. Here's a peek at a few of them. Are you ready to rumble and huzzah?

So can I hear a few huzzahs?


  1. Huzzah!
    I have a little insider scoop on Samantha's project... Sorry, it is a secret!
    You have arrested EJ, Jeffrey, Father Dragon, David, and Stephen!

  2. Ooo on secret projects, Alex. Didn't Gwen do a great job on the stockades? I love those.

  3. These images really make me laugh. No doubt this event will be a blast!

  4. HUZZAH! Oh my gosh, Gwen, those are hilarious!

  5. Huzzah! I love how everyone is getting into the spirit. I've got to draw up my arrest warrants this weekend :)

  6. yay! love all the events - feels like a ren fest!

  7. They made me laugh, too, Catherine. In a very good way. They're so fun.

    Huzzah, Christine!

    Cant' wait to see those, Gwen.

    It is with some expansions to include phasers and stuff, Tara.

  8. Huzzahahahahaaa!!!

    Love those stockade blokes. I know I've got a few moldy road apples around here somewhere I can toss their way. :P

  9. Huzzah, LG! Gwen did great work.


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