Realms Faire Games and #Giveaway - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Spec Fic

Only three weeks until the 2013 Realms Faire! Get excited!

There'll be 9 events giving away prizes daily. Many will have grand prizes at the end of the week and this site will have an ultimate grand prize. Oooo!

Since the Faire isn't just about the Renaissance anymore, the badges have been updated. Snazzy, huh?

All of the events with sign ups have been filled. But the fun has yet to begin. Grogz on Facebook is now open to meet other Faire goers and to hear the knights talk smack.

So what kind of events can you partake in during the Faire?

Christine Rains is hosting Soak-a-Bloke/Drench-a-Wench in which selected targets are pummeled with comments. She'll be holding daily drawings for those who participate and a grand prize at the end of the week. You must play to win.

Cas Webb is hosting Dueling Bards. Two writers go head to head in nail-biting contests. The outcome is decided by you. Winners selected daily from comments.

River Fairchild is conducting a Dragon Hunt. Can you find them all?

For more information on these events and all others, see the Realms Faire page.

Get ready! Huzzah!


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