A ParanormYA-Palooza

Today is a very exciting day here at Untethered Realms:-)

Gwen Gardner, author of Givin' Up the Ghost is releasing the much anticipated sequel, A Guilty Ghost Surprised.

Angela Brown, author of Neverlove, is releasing a hot novella follow up, They All Fall Down.

Together, they are also known as the Ladies of Partners in ParanormYA. And as members of Untethered Realms, we're thrilled to share in the ParanormYA-palooza! They're traveling the blogosphere on a Book Blitz Tour that you can follow by checking out their stops for the day here.

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About A Guilty Ghost Surprised: Indigo Eady and gang are back with a  feather and a Chance setting off another twisting-turning investigation to bring a cold case, and loved ones, closure at last.
AGGS buy links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About They All Fall Down: Free of their duties as Cleanser and Harvestor, Abby and Basil try to move on with their lives. But some secrets remain. And what is done in the dark won’t be good when it comes to light.
TAFD buy links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Gwen Gardner and Angela Brown - YA paranormal authors embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Share with us as we take the Indie journey to bring our works to the world. Buckle up! There'll be mystery, mayhem, action and emotional roller coasters...oh, and a few things that go bump in the night.
Hauntings are scary but we love interaction:
Angela’s blog | Gwen’s blog


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