Geeky Greetings! What a Geek Wants...

Wishes for the season to you and yours from Untethered Realms. 

We have our geek holiday wishes ready to share.

M. Pax ~

There's so much to look forward to in 2015. I'm always wishing for more movies/shows with giant man-eating reptiles. Can't wait until summer!

Also looking forward to SharkNado 3 and the new Star Wars. When's the next Star Trek? Plus, the Juno mission arrives at Jupiter, and New Horizons arrives at Pluto. I'm really excited to see what New Horizons turns up. I've been waiting years... lots and lots of years.


River Fairchild ~

I have a standing request in to Santa for a seat on the first flight to colonize Mars.

Barring that, I wish for some outstanding disaster movies for 2015. Or a blue phone booth. Or anything but a lump of coal.


Catherine Stine ~

Young Marlowe
I could make a long list but I'll go for a couple items... First, I want tickets to the latest production of Christopher Marlow's play Tamburlaine the Great. Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeare was a fabulously nefarious guy: a spy, an atheist and of "cruel and intemperate heart" according to his roommate, the writer Thomas Kyd. Plus, Marlowe met a suitably creepy death: stabbed through the eye in a bar fight (most likely a professional hit).

Or how about some tickets to Iceland? Mongolia? Novaya Zemlya? Some wintery frontier of weirdness, where I could snuggle up in an igloo with a frost monster. Did I say I love me some cold weather?!


Christine Rains ~

There are so many geeky things I dream about. My own TARDIS or a ride with Dean Winchester in his Impala. How about a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? I've always wanted a geeky family portrait. Could Santa convince my son and husband to cooperate? Okay, okay. I'll be more realistic. Unique dice. A girl can never have enough dice.

 (Oh yes, that's a Cthulhu die!)


Gwen Gardner ~

Geeky? Well, if asking for Barnes & Noble gift cards is geeky, then I guess I'm a geek. It's what I always ask for. And I'd like theater tickets to A Christmas Carol because I adore Charles Dickens. And I sort of want Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's a voice recognition software. I could dictate my books!
And snow. I'd like a white Christmas in San Diego. Santa? Hello Santa? Do you hear me?


Julie Flanders ~

As I mentioned in our "How Nerd Am I..." group post back in July, I am obsessed with Game of Thrones and I am the proud owner of Funko figures of Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost. I thought the figures would be enough to satisfy my inner geek but HBO is now taunting me with an entire set of adorable plush direwolves.
I love dogs, I love wolves, and I love Game of Thrones, so this set goes right to my geek heart and is my geeky Christmas wish for 2015.

I promise the wolves would all have a good home with me, Santa. But if the whole set is too much for you, I'll settle for just Ghost on his own.


Ellie Garratt ~

A geeky wishlist? My list is to long to share in this post, so I'll share a couple of wishes with you. My first wish is for Santa to bring me a 17.5" Lego Space Shuttle. I've wanted one for ages, but they're expensive. In fact, Lego don't make them anymore.

My second wish is a role in Sharknado 3. I love those films - so bad, they're actually good. I don't mind if my character gets eaten by a shark. Any role would do.

What are your Geeky wishes?


  1. Geeks don't want, they NEED. And I hope your geeky dreams come to fruition. All of them.

  2. What awesome geeky wishes! Here's hoping Santa delivers. :)

  3. I love those wishes; especially the ride with Dean in his Impala. What a cute direwolf collection; I'm a fan of wolves - and werewolves - and wish I had HBO to continue watching GoT. I hope all your wishes come true. Merry Christmas all.

  4. Ellie, if you get in Sharknado 3, you have to get me in. I'd love to be eaten by a shark.

  5. Love these wishes! Happy holidays, everyone. :)

  6. Hope you've all had wonderful Christmastides and perhaps got some of those geeky presents, or credits towards them ... ?! Have wonderful run ups to New Year and then geeky brilliant 2015s .. cheers Hilary

  7. What wonderful lists of geeky wishes. I hope you all get.all or some of what you wish for. I don't know if I have any geeky wishes but I did get a Barnes and Nobles Card! And, Mary I seen the new Star Trek is due in 2016. Can't remember the month off hand will.let you know.

  8. I hope you all got some of what you wanted for Christmas (some of the wishes might have been a little tough this year- but maybe in 2015). :) A very fun list!

    Happy Holidays to all of you!


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