Group Post - Talking about sea creatures real and imaginary

The oceans are as mysterious as worlds beyond our own. It's a world as foreign to us as Jupiter, yet we don't need a spaceship to visit it. Much of it remains inaccessible, however. The deepest depths are difficult to reach and it's unknown what all lurks down there. Much of the oceans remain unexplored. Would you want to explore those areas or hang out among the reefs? If you were a sea creature, real or imaginary, what would you be?

M. Pax

I want to explore those deep, unknowns of the oceans. So I decided I'd like to be a vampire squid. They have characteristics of both the octopus and the squid, They live at very deep depths, have large eyes, are agile, and eat shrimp. I like shrimp. They're elusive and mysterious and live in a mysterious place. All of that suits me very well. Here's a video to learn more about the vampire squid.


River Fairchild

I want to be Poseidon, because, well... you know... a god with unlimited powers? Owning a trident to stab things with? Wearing spiky metal thingies on your armor? And it doesn't hurt to look hunky, either. 

Angela Brown

There are so many wonderful, terrifying, beautiful, and well...the list of descriptions can go on and on about the creatures under the sea. But...here is where things get a little different for me. The sea creature I wish to be doesn't stay beneath the water. It takes flight to get away from underwater predators and looks darned cool when it spreads its wings. So flying fish...I'm looking at you!


Christine Rains

I thought maybe I'd want to be one of the legendary monsters of the sea. Every sailor quakes in terror when they sail my waters. But really, I wouldn't want a bad reputation. Nor would I want any young hunters to come looking for me. I like my quiet and peaceful life. I want silent depths and sometimes come up to the surface for a lovely view. I keep to myself just like Nessy in Loch Ness. Am I real or a hoax? I'm content to let the mystery continue.


Misha Gerrick

Hmmmmmm.... I'd go for....

An orca. Badass, incredibly intelligent and loyal to their families, they're by far my favorite ocean creature, so if I had to turn into one, that's the one I'd want to be. 

Cherie Reich

I would want to be a manatee. They are just the cutest and kindest of sea creatures.


Catherine Stine

I'm obsessed with the ocean and its creatures. I'm also obsessed with witches. I wrote Witch of the Cards to explore how it would feel to be a sea witch (who also does amazing things with Tarot cards. LOL). It was a rollicking ride. Here's a quote from the book.

Meradeth Houston

There are so many awesome sea creatures that picking just one is difficult! That, and I love the sea so very much (I'm even named after a Welsh sea god, haha!). If I have to select one though, I think I'd have to go with dolphin. My mom tells this story about when I was a baby and she was holding me at the railing of a small sailboat, and a momma dolphin brought her baby up right next to us to say "hi!" Kinda silly, but kinda fun :)

Cathrina Constantine

River grabbed my first choice of underwater rulers. Hahaa... But I did happen upon this fantastical being. I love horses. And whats better than a gorgeous horse that can swim underwater...

Gwen Gardner
I'm a simple girl and like to keep things simple. Mermaids are easily the most classic and modern sea creature to withstand the test of time.

Who wouldn't want to be a Mermaid?


  1. Great choices - but I couldn't go past that first image.
    Always be a dragon makes sense to me. Failing that? A sea-horse. Or an octopus.

    1. EC - An octopus would be cool. A built-in ink sprayer for blasting enemies in the eye!

  2. Hi Christine and friends ... love the choices - I think I'd be a sea anemone hiding in the rock pools - happy to come out occasionally, weave my tales with my fronds and live quietly - I hope! Cheers Hilary

  3. Great choices here! Sorry about snagging your first choice, Cathrina. :) We could gather the titans!

  4. Fun choices, everyone! I think we pretty much have it covered.

  5. Great choices. It's hard to pick among them, even tho I picked one already.

  6. We'll have a heck of an underwater party with our creatures! :)

  7. Interesting choices. I'd totally be a shark. =D

  8. Such a fun post! Love how varied everyone's answers are. Some of these are even new to me, like the vampire squid. And aw, that dolphin story is adorable...


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