Having fun with the Seven Deadly Sins - a Writer's Take

There are lots of writerly blog posts on the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. (Show Don't Tell, don't overuse adverbs, don't "head-hop POV, etc etc etc). I was inspired by an old post of Lexa Cain's to do a fun writerly twist on that norm...

First. let's get in the mood by looking at Marta Dahlig's amazing digital art. It took me a few beats to actually find out who did these, because SO many bloggers use this image without crediting the artist. Marta sells these and more as cool posters, BTW. Okay, back to the business at hand.

Here are some of my writerly sins...

Lust: I lust after novels that blow my mind, fire up my imagination and make me want to write. Two recent reads that do that for me are The Dress Lodger by Sheri Holman and Alma Katsu's The Taker trilogy. What novels have you lusted after recently?

Envy: I envy any writer who can pump out a full novel every month or two and have it actually be a well-written, clever novel with heart. What writerly aspect of another author do you envy?

Vanity: I'm proud that Dorianna won best Horror Book in the Kindle Hub awards, and that I'm signed to go to three book conventions this year even though they are intimidating. I hope I never get vain about my accomplishments though. What author achievement has you most proud of yourself?

Wrath: I hate books that are sappy, badly-written, predictable, formulaic, boring, and that don't have enough high-stakes. What kind of books or writing do you hate?

Sloth: I'm loathe to admit that sometimes I'd rather laze around and watch Portlandia and Sleepy Hollow than trudge off to the writers' space and work! What is your slothful admission?

Gluttony: Since I'm writing a witch novel, I want to feast on any book that has to do with witches. I even bought a witch datebook and green grimoire. Which books are you feasting on?

Avarice: Sure, getting big money for my books sounds attractive, but I'm even more greedy for devoted readers. What writerly avarice do you hate to admit?


  1. Great post. Love the art! You should be proud about Dorianna. The award is well deserved. :)
    Lust - Mary Roach's nonfiction books. So hilarious and fascinating.
    Envy - I envy those that have time to write. I just can't find enough of it.
    Vanity - I don't think I'm vain about anything and I hope I never will be.
    Wrath - I hate female protagonists who are damsels in distress and men have all the control.
    Sloth - Yeah, I have a TV schedule too. I should give it up to write more.
    Avarice - I want to make more money. Times are tough and it would help so much.

  2. Lust: Woven - and I won a copy.
    Envy: people becoming traditionally published.
    Vanity: I am pleased with my few short story publications.
    Wrath: people who plagiarise at the moment; but usually poor editing.
    Sloth: solitaire
    Avarice: Oh the joy of readers and reviewers.

    1. Congrats on your short story publications. I will check out Woven.

  3. Great post Catherine! Blogging and blog hopping this morning makes me the sloth I guess. Very entertaining and a prompt for me to get cracking.

    1. Haha, yes, Steph, blogging is fun but time consuming. So interesting to hop around and read though. I'm also a sucker for animal videos on Facebook.

  4. Cool post, Catherine. I can sympathize with all of those.

  5. This is a great post and I love how you used the 7 deadly sins. I would have to give this some thought


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