Where's the Beast?

Beasts can take a speculative fiction story from good to great. They come in all shapes and forms: alien, robot, rogue computer, vampires, rabid dogs, vampires, etc...

Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Aliens always pique my interest, especially those in Stargate and Dr. Who
  2. Mbwun in Relic, one of my favorite books
  3. T. Rex in Jurassic Park
  4. Sharks stuck in a SharkNado
  5. Big Foot

A beast needs to
  1. steal the show
  2. have some mystery
  3. add to the suspense
  4. be a big part of the plot
  5. be a star
I like it when I can feel the beast even when it isn't on screen, that it makes my hair stand on end throughout the whole story/film.

What beasts make you all tingly?

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  1. A great list of favourite beasts. Mine have to include the aliens in the Alien films, Predator, Jaws, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, and The Thing!

    1. The Thing was so creepy, it still freaks me out.

  2. I totally loved the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. They had so much personality and I'll never forget them opening the kitchen door and walking in while the kids were hiding in there. That was one of the scariest scenes I've ever seen.

    1. They were marvelous. The T-Rex stole the movie for me. I <3 her.

  3. I like hippogriffs. I dislike goblins *shivers*. My daughter loves sharks and wants to go swimming with them. THAT scares me a lot!

  4. Love the T-Rex in Jurassic Park! And the raptors!

  5. The Exorcist makes my head spin:) T-Rex and those other buggers put fear into me. The Others really creeped me out especially near the end with the real pictures of dead people. The Shining-Those little girls-they are not selling any girl guide cookies. The Haunting-the original film is one of the spookiest

  6. Outside of Harry Potter, not sure I've read many books with beasts. Unless vampires and werewolves count, but not quite sure they do.

  7. Fantastic list of beasts! The aliens in the Alien movies make my skin crawl. Though it's usually the despicable human beasts in films that really scare me!

  8. This made me think of the Alien movies! When it comes to Jurassic Park, the velociraptors were interesting how they almost made the T Rex the hero in the end

  9. I love it when beasts can make their presence known, even when not on screen, as well. As for favorites, I've always been fond of the Atrox, from Lynne Ewing's Daughters of the Moon series. Richie Tankersley Cusick's The Unseen has a great beast, too! :)

  10. I like your Rifters beast teaser.
    As for my favorite beasties? I do like to create my own, rather than go with tried and true tropes. Or at least spin out fresh versions of classic critters.


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