Necromancer - cover reveal

Graeme's latest fantasy novel, Necromancer, launches August 23rd, 2014

A primeval fiend is loose in the ancient metropolis of Malkandrah, intent on burning it to a wasteland. The city's leaders stand idly by and the sorcerers that once protected the people are long gone.

Maldren, a young necromancer, is the only person brave enough to stand against the creature. Instead of help from the Masters of his Guild, he is given a new apprentice. Why now, and why a girl? As they unravel the clues to defeating the fiend, they discover a secret society holding the future of the city in its grip. After betrayals and attempts on his life, Maldren has reason to suspect everyone he thought a friend, even the girl.

His last hope lies in an alliance with a depraved and murderous ghost, but how can he trust it? Its sinister past is intertwined in the lives of everyone he holds dear.

Can only evil defeat evil?


  1. Love this cover! Can't wait to read the book. :)

  2. Great cover-so moody and powerful looking. Congratulations!

  3. Spectacular cover, and I'm kind of getting into this subject. Just read a novel about a female necromancer, so I need to put this on my teetering TBR list!

  4. The talent and the temptation you display here never stops. Drat you all. And congratulations to all as well.

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm proud of this book and hope folks enjoy it. I don't know who I had the most fun writing, Maldren the Necromancer or his apprentice. She's a feisty one!


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