The Best of the Bad Science Fiction Movies #scifi

A good bad movie is an incredible treat. Some are bad enough to become cult classics, and I know I'm not the only one who enjoys them.
I give them a beer rating... how many beers does it take to have fun watching the movie. You'd probably like to know before switching the movie on, right?
Here's my list of NO BEER NECESSARY movies, counting down to the best of the bad.

Beer is optional


2010, SyFy Channel. Starring Paul Logan, Tiffany, and Barry Williams. A mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida.

Lots of people get munched. It's uber fun. Those giant piranha do some very unexpected and surprising things, like explode. I love to be surprised. And in a cheesy movie, the creators might as well go all the way.


2013, SyFy Channel. Starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. A whole lot of awesome sauce. This movie understood what it was and delivered campy on steroids. Lots of wonderful and fun surprises. Chainsaws. Things flooded then not flooded. People getting munched at every turn and a tornado of sharks. Fun, fun, fun.
Can't wait for #2.


196? The giant turtle with flames coming out of his butt battles a giant fish that can't move. This was my all-time favorite fun bad movie until I stumbled across the next...
This movie still makes me giggle. Gamera has a catchy theme song too. I'll definitely be watching more Gamera in the future.


Made in the 1970's after Star Wars... well, you won't believe it was. A baby David Hasselhoff is in it and Christopher Plummer. One reviewer said: Star Crash is in a category by itself.
With praise like that, I couldn't resist, and I have to say I was not disappointed. It definitely is in a class by itself. Just when you think you're done laughing and being surprised, this movie keeps delivering until the end.
I can't imagine any good-bad movie topping this one, but film makers I dare you to try. Because I want more.

Do you have a favorite bad movie?


  1. Sharknado! I love that film. One of my favourite bad science fiction movies has to be Annihilation Earth (2009). It's a truly terrible film, but you'll never see the twist ending. I rank it in my top ten for the ending alone. I won't ruin the surprise by telling you.

  2. I love bad movies! Syfy has such a good bunch of them. Sharknado is one of the most recent ones. Anaconda, the Critter movies, the House movies, and Birdemic. There's also Rubber about an evil telepathic tire.

  3. I'll have to look for that one, Ellie. Sounds like it needs some beer until the ending, though.

    I missed the one about the tire somehow, Christine. I will be on the lookout for it.

  4. G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra. It was a good movie if you like your flashy visuals, bad if you like well written scripts/stories.

  5. Haha, this cracked me up! I haven't seen any of these, but I have definitely heard the buzz re: Sharknado.

  6. HaHa! I remember Gamera from when I was a kid! I haven't seen any of the others. How fun, thanks for sharing, Mary.

  7. I, unfortunately, have missed all of these, but I do love the Anaconda movies. They're bad, but a giant, man-eating snake is fun.

  8. Replies
    1. It does, indeed. It was...almost...good.

  9. I love it that the scientist lets his son take the secret spy sub out for a run and that is when Gamera is introduced. Any of these japanese flicks are great featuring Godzilla, gamera, Rodan, Mothra. Attack of the Killer Shrews is fun. Attack of the 50ft woman is just great. Blacula, Dr. Jekyl, Sister Hyde. Plan 9 is the all time worst but so much fun

  10. My favorite really bad SciFi movie is Dark Star.

    Watch it while high, drunk, or just at one with the Universe, man (I did the last one) and be amazed (at how it got through the funding process.)

  11. I think that's on Netflix, Andre-Omari. I'll have to check it out.

    This fascination began in childhood with the Sunday Matinee Movie, Nicole.

    Gameraaa! Sing with me, Gwen.

    The anacondas are fun, Cherie. Did you see Megapython vs Gateroid or something like that? Very fun.

    It's hard not to like Tremors, Tyrean. Sure, we'll count it.

    All those old monster movies are uber fun, Birgit.

    I'm not sure I've seen that one yet, Kevin. I shall keep a look out for it.

  12. Why haven't I seen these? Thanks for the fun. :) Love the beer rating system, too.

  13. One Million Years BC is a classic. Cheesy dinosaur battles and humans, especially Raquel Welch running around in a loincloth... with makeup on??

  14. I remember when I was younger and staying at a friends, we went out and rented a bunch of old black and white "horror" sci-fi movies... and laughed the whole way through! "Them!" was impossible to take seriously considering it was about giant killer ants, but lots of fun.

  15. You're missing out, River. Husband Unit and I watch so you don't have to.

    Dinos are up my alley, Graeme.

    Them was uber fun sjp. I'm trying to get my hands on Night of the Lepper.

  16. Who doesn't love Sharknado! That movie was so bad that it has to be up there on the best of horrible movies. I have two but not sure if they will top Sharknado... She-Devil and Masters of the Universe! So bad but we can't stop watching=)

  17. It's bound to be a classic, Gina. The last scene was epic. I have not yet had the pleasure of she-devil. Masters of the Universe I do know. Good journey!

  18. Sharknado of course! Haha, it was like in an instant cult classic.

  19. Well, I'm not sure it qualifies as that bad a movie... I love Tremors :-)

    Sharknado sounds deliciously bad though, I'd love to watch it!

  20. I can't wait for the next, Slamdunk.

    Tremors is delicious that way, Deniz. SharkNado is fantastic.

  21. Leprechaun in the Hood and Killer Klowns from Outer Space!!!!!

  22. I do not have a favorite bad movie but maid in manhattan did not get the best review and I did enjoy it.

  23. How did I miss this? You know my feelings about Sharknado. Still place Sharktopus just above it. Not by much though...

  24. When I was little I used to love watching science fiction which involved giant animals like pirana, godzilla, dinosaurs, anaconda. But these days as I have grown up... I love watching space movies. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading your post about bad science in the science fiction movies. Keep writing.

    Best Regards,
    Kunik Goel


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