Invisibility Cloaks Aren't Just Fantastical Garments

by M. Pax

Have you heard of the time cloak?

Moti Fridman and colleagues, at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, created a hole in time using the temporal equivalent of an invisibility cloak.

Invisibility cloaks are produced by distorting electromagnetic fields in extreme ways, moving light around an area, so that it can't be seen in that area. Physicists have used them for light, sound and ocean waves.

There's even an illusion cloak which makes an object look like another object. Excellent.  

Granted it took a huge amount of energy and a huge-ass machine to create the time cloak for only a fraction of a fraction of a second. But that won't last. Fridman says there might be a use for a time gap lasting fractions of a second in routing competing streams of data to a processor.  

What could you imagine using a time cloak for? What about an invisibility or sound cloak? An illusion cloak? Have an idea for a cloak of you're own?


I used an invisibility cloak and an illusion cloak in The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear. Do you know about Hetty?

The journey into adulthood is stranger than she expects.

Graduation from community college isn’t the magic elixir Hetty Locklear counts on for becoming an adult. Her parents, who work the Renaissance fair circuit, insist she spend part of the summer with them. Hetty doubts pretending to live in the Middle Ages will help her find her way.

 To make it worse, an entity haunts her at her dead-end job, warning her of a dangerous man she doesn’t know. The ghost leads her to a lover who has a lot of secrets. He pulls her farther into peril and into a strange, hidden world of genetic experimentation.

New Adult Science Fiction Fantasy.

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  1. They need to hire some Klingons. They were always good with cloaking devices.

  2. Or make peace with the Romulans. I'm pretty sure my car has a Romulan cloaking device, Alex.

  3. Not sure if I could think of a different cloak to come up with. What more would one need than to hide by being an invisible or being something or someone else? lol!!

  4. I'm not sure, Angela. I'm not even completely clear on the time cloak thing. It's cool, though.

  5. Loving the ideas behind them...too many uses to list here, but the tech needs to be microchip sized lol. Great post.

  6. It does need to shrink a bit, Wicked. Agreed.

  7. That's amazing stuff! A time cloak that inserts into your mouth to take back things that should never have been said might come in handy...

  8. I do know about Hetty and I adore her! :) There could be a shape-changing cloak, or a cloak that's like a Bag of Holding.

  9. Now that will make you a billionaire, Gwen

    No more baggage fees on the airlines! Great idea, Christine


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