Are you afraid of ghosts?

There are more terrifying things that go bump in the night than ghosts. One of those creatures has moved into Chiharo's building. She already has her hands full trying to deal with another phantom, but this monster could be the end of both of them. Can a sweet ghost like Chiharo banish a fiend that's out to eat her soul?

THE GHOST by Christine Rains is the final book in the 13th Floor series. The big release date is in four days. Please enjoy an excerpt and get hooked!

THE GHOST - Chapter 1

“Who's going to die?” Chiharo cupped her hands around her mouth to amplify her voice, but it didn't make a difference.

Only a fool would try a thing a hundred times and expect a different response. Chiharo had been trying the past few years to get Harriet to notice her with no success. But Chiharo had to know who Harriet's foretelling was about. Besides, the circumstances were always different. Maybe a little more electricity in the air or an alignment of the planets. One day, Harriet might hear her.

Chiharo shouted her question again as Harriet got ready to go out. The only response was the tabby cat Elli's soft growl. “You know, if you were any kind of familiar, you'd tell Harriet I need to talk to her.”

Chiharo's mother had taught her to not take any guff from animals. They needed to know who was in charge. Her mother had been dead for twenty years, but Chiharo still heeded her wise words. Still, the cats ruled here.

Harriet tripped over the other cat as she walked down the hall. She didn't cry out or groan, but picked herself up and bid a fond good-bye to the felines as she slipped out the apartment door.

From the bedroom, Chiharo sighed and shook her head. “You know you're lucky to have her. She's too good to you.”

Elli hissed, and the big gray tom named Kerr turned his back to both of them. Chiharo rolled her eyes and walked through the wall and into the corridor. She didn't flinch as she had the first few years of ghostdom. Was that even a word? Ghosthood?

Her throat tightened. What she wouldn't give to hear her mom lecture her or just to have someone to talk to. Witches were supposed to see spirits. At least that's what her mother always said. Why couldn't Harriet see her?

Though, maybe Harriet wasn't the type of witch that could see spirits. Chiharo had never seen her preform any magic. Harriet made healing potions and soothing teas. Not exactly exciting witchcraft, but it was obvious Harriet loved what she did as much as she loved singing in the shower.

“Harriet!” Chiharo zipped in front of her, but Harriet didn't slow her steps. Chiharo had tried irritating the cats and moving things, and now it was time for the next trick.

Summoning up her energy, Chiharo pushed the stairwell door and held it open for Harriet. “Hello? I'm here. I know you know you didn't open the door. Why were you screaming in the hall last night? Whose death did you see?”

Chiharo nibbled her lower lip. Stefanie came back wet, muddy, and naked last night. Was the trouble she'd been hiding from going to find her? Xan did dangerous work. Maybe a dragon would finally get him. Or that pretty reporter he stashed away in his apartment.

A squeaky noise brought her attention back. She gasped as Kiral and Harriet stood face to face on the landing.

“Oh my god!” Chiharo's hands fluttered. “This is it, Harriet! He's finally seeing you. Say something!”

* * * * *
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  1. Fantastic excerpt! Being stuck as a ghost seems so frustrating. Can't help but love Chiharo wondering if it should be "ghostdom" or "ghosthood." :)

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  8. Thank you so very much, everyone. I'm excited about the release. I hope Chiharo can win over all my readers' hearts. :)

  9. This is a great excerpt! I like the sound of this a lot.



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