Fly Us To The Moon!


Untethered Realms is going to the moon! How, you ask? As stowaways. Technology and ingenuity is making it possible. Plus, one of our members (Gwen Gardner) applied and became manifest #123, and is taking everyone she can think of with her! We're talking friends, family and pets!

Read on to find out more...

Writers on the Moon (founded by Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn, rocket scientist and author extraordinaire) is a group of rag-tag indie authors from around the world. They are sending a library of stories to the moon on Astrobotic's first mission and first commercial lunar lander, Peregrine Mission One, where it will remain for posterity--or until future moon travelers find it. Maybe direct descendants--or maybe even aliens! One day the future of humanity may be reading our names in their history books, or researching 21st century literature, music, and culture. Because along with stories, the manifests are bringing stowaways of all sorts, to include screenplays, music, and photographs! Untethered Realms' Elements of Untethered Realms will be among the treasures. 

The "Moon Box", the size of a dime, will contain thousands of digitized items. 

The rocket launch is scheduled for December 2021. If you'd like to find out more, check out the Writers on the Moon website (still a work in progess), and Astrobotics for more the details. 

Ever been in space?

Would you go if given the chance?


  1. I would totally go into space if given a chance! My health would prevent that, though, but maybe the next generation or the one after will be going on a flight.

    1. I'm sure space flight for civilians is really close. I won't be going LOL.

  2. How exciting! I'm stowing away with Chrys Fey's mom, too. It will be quite the ride ;)

  3. I would absolutely NOT go into space. This Capricorn earth sign is firmly rooted here, both feet on the ground. The flying I do is in my imagination when writing fantasy. LOL.


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