UFOs are Real and Everyone Needs to Get Used to the Idea

What? They're no longer relegated to the land of Big Foot? No! Says the Washington Post.

Not a tabloid, but a respectable news organization reported on the reality of UFOs. Although many may be explained by perfectly rational means we have yet to discover, the fact of extraterrestrial activity can not be ruled out.

The US government itself is beginning to actually admit that UFOs exist. Jokes of the current occupants of our institutions aside, this is mind blowing stuff.

Remember that weird obect in space? Oumuamua?

Credible astrophysicists theorized it could be an artificial construction with a solar sail.

We've always wondered whether we're alone, and the answer seems to be no. Is that Ancient Astronauts dude actually right about some stuff? It seems he just might be.

Although I always believed there was other life in the galaxy, this growing evidence gives me chills. If they are aliens, what do they want with us? Why do they find us so interesting? Or, are we a lesson on what not to be? We can't get along with each other, how can we get along with other beings from other worlds?

Are we a roadside attraction for galactic travelers? Are we a science experiment? Do they protect us from other aliens? Have some people actually met them?

Obviously, I have a thousand questions. If you'd like to read the full article from the Washington Post, you can read it HERE.


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  1. Some people still struggle with accepting that the earth isn't flat. UFO acceptance could take a while.
    I remember a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon which said something along the lines of 'the surest sign that there is other intelligent life out there is that they have NOT tried to contact us.

    1. I totally agree with that. If I were an alien, I'd stay away from us.

  2. I do believe intelligent beings from other planets exist. If they have visited us, then they must have found us lacking. After all, they didn't make enough legitimate contact. Or they did, and too many people freaked out, so they had to wipe our memories of it. Maybe one day we'll meet them.

  3. Well, if you get technical, of course UFO exist because a UFO is just an unidentified flying object. Keyword is unidentified. We don't know what it's made of, but we know it's real. =P

  4. Yep, they are real, all right. As they are unidentified so yes we all see lots of new and weird things flying in the sky!

  5. I think they're real, but I think we're not ready for them yet.

  6. They just may be so different from us that we wouldn't realize what we were seeing.


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