Harnessing the Winds by Morena Silver #review #fantasy

Harnessing the Winds (A Tale of The Abandoned #1) by Morena Silver

Captain Artemia Storm's magic has failed her. Without enough to protect her crew, a vicious sea hag curses her and all the women on her ship, The Abandoned. Never again will they be able to step foot onto land. Artemia will do anything to break the hex and free her crew. She plans to remove the cruel curse by inviting the Four Winds to join their magic with hers and kill the wretched hag. But will Artemia be able to convince four gorgeous men to be magically bound to a feared pirate or will they all end up as bones at the bottom of the endless seas?

Morena Silver's Harnessing the Winds is my first foray into reading a reverse harem story, and I hope it won't be my last.

I love how strong and compassionate Artemia Storm is. Her crew can count on her, and she them. The Four Winds sure have a way to worm into any woman's heart. I must admit I'm rather partial to Grim. Sly, the pixie and Storm's best friend, plays great comedic relief as the reader makes their way through Silver's twists and turns.

Filled with mythology, strong characters you can root for, and very steamy romance, Harnessing the Winds by Morena Silver is a must-read in not only the reverse harem subgenre but also for fantasy romance lovers.

Harnessing the Winds is available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


  1. Great review! I really enjoyed the mythology in the book.

  2. Great review! Harnessing the Winds sounds so intriguing. I've come across a lot of reverse harem stories in manga, so it's interesting to see that trope tackled in a fantasy novel...

  3. Fantasy isn't really my thing, but can understand the escapist appeal of a book like this. Great character names too.

  4. This sounds like a real hoot! I also knew zilch about reverse harem books.


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