Untethered Realms Welcomes Graeme Ing


A new sci-fi adventure by Graeme Ing

Hello everyone, Graeme here.

I’m a huge fan of a particular sub-genre of sci-fi which inspired this book, but it would be a complete spoiler to say which, sorry. :) Let me know if you figure it out after reading the book.

I had another goal when writing Emergence too. I’m particularly fond of books that keep you guessing. Where things are not what they seem, and you suspect that from the beginning. Have you read that type of book? Like the layers of an onion.

You find yourself attempting to figure out the true reality, and form a theory. Then there’s a revelation in the book that either confirms or betrays your theory. At this point, you’re like “Oh, okay, I think THIS is happening.” Then the author drops another bombshell. “Oh! No, I bet it’s THIS.” And on it goes, you trying to predict the final revelation. It’s exciting to wonder if you interpreted the clues correctly.

It’s this type of mystery that I set out to capture in Emergence, though it’s more an adventure tale than a true mystery. And it was a huge challenge for me to pace the revelations, without doubt the toughest book I’ve written so far. I hope I pulled it off, but only you, dear readers, can answer that. :)

A dying world has many secrets.

Porl's world is dying. Crops fail. Birds fall from the sky. Is this a repeat of the Cataclysm that decimated the Ancients’ world a thousand years ago?

Porl loves to fix things and is compelled to solve the mystery - and save his people no matter the personal cost. Disobeying the will of the town Elders, Porl uncovers a secret they want hidden. When caught, the Elders banish Porl into the wilderness, alone against the savage Mad-Ones.

As the Mad-Ones hunt him, Porl discovers the world isn't what he believed. The more he learns about the mystical Ancients, the more he unravels an incredible reality he never imagined.

Nothing is what it seems. The harshest truth he uncovers is that in seven days everyone he loves will die. Yet the final secret of the Ancients, on how to save his people, still eludes him…

(Paperback coming soon)

If you want to contact me, I love discussing books and hearing recommendations.


  1. Welcome Graeme! I do love books that keep me guessing. And it's hard to fool me these days. Can't wait to read Emergence!

  2. Thank you both! It's great to see you all again.

  3. Loved your other books. This one sounds up my alley. Congrats, Graeme!

  4. I’m intrigued! Way to grab someone’s attention. Best of luck, Graeme!


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