UR is welcoming guests in the new year

To all the authors who love science fiction, fantasy, the paranormal, and all those wonderful in between bits of speculative fiction,

You're invited to write a guest post for our blog.

We want all your weird, wacky, intelligent, and creative thoughts on topics in these genres. We love to provoke what ifs and spark our readers' minds.

We're not looking for promotional posts. Give us thoughtful and fun. No more than 1000 words and a maximum of three images. Plus a short two to three sentence bio with your links.

Hitch a ride with Untethered Realms. We love to have guests. Just keep your arms inside at all times, don't drink Jezebel's punch, and please don't tease the T-Rex in the back.

Any queries can be sent to christinerains.writer@gmail.com


  1. You are not letting visitors drink Jezebel's punch? Not fair. So not fair. You can't hog all the good stuff to yourselves.

    1. The "good" stuff, yes. Well... drink at your own risk! ;)

  2. Guests posts will be fun! Can't wait for visitors.

  3. There's a T-rex in the back???? ;)


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