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I belong to a fantastic group of writer's called the Insecure Support Writer's Group. If you haven't joined yet, you should. 

The group was asked in July: 
What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing? And this was my answer:

is a valuable lesson. 

Once you begin your story, you are a writer. It doesn't matter what genre or if you write flash fiction, short stories, articles, or novels. If you wish to pursue traditional publishing, small independent presses, or self-publishing, it can be quite daunting. 

The lonely and long hours you put into your work and self-sacrificing your time can be a joy and/or a drudgery. You need to persevere.

It's your first draft, and you type those phenomenal two words: *THE ENDBut really it's the beginning. A second draft, a third draft, editing, revising, beta readers and so on...persistence

Then if you seek an agent or submit to publishing houses it's another path filled with road blocks of disappointments and rejections. 

But my mantra is: "It only takes one YES" and for that one yes you need: **PERSEVERANCE**

You can join this wonderful group here:


  1. Wise advice. For life, as well as writing.

  2. And mine is, avoid distraction. I find I'm more likely to finish something if I take myself and my writing materials to the State Library, where I'm not going to be tooted to get up to make tea or play music or even go out in the sun for a walk. Or I'll go to my local cafe to work and let someone else bring me tea, plus have free wifi if I need to look up something.

    1. Distraction for me are my social media sites. Yes, they are awful!!

  3. Excellent post! It is the one piece of advice I like to give writers. Never give up. Never surrender!

  4. We writers definitely need perseverance.

  5. So true. Love the picture of the dog digging through the asphalt.

  6. Preserverance and tenacity are a must.

  7. Great advice from a great group. Just keep on keeping on.

  8. I tend to call my perseverance stubbornness. ;)


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