Huzzizzle of the Realms: #ScienceFiction and #Fantasy News from Top-Selling Authors

Put on Your Shades and Ice up your Tea!

The temperatures are heating up in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's time to kick back a little with some great reads.

Here's what's up with the Untethered Realms authors:

M. Pax: The Officer launches June 28th!

The Officer is an anthology of eleven science fiction short stories by writers from across the globe. Being an officer means balancing many conflicting demands. Making the wrong decision can have serious consequences. It takes a special kind of person to cope with the responsibility. It includes my story, "Patchworker 2.0."

Patchworker Evalyn Shore leads the investigation of a homicidal Artificial Intelligence. The AI is taking over minds, leaving Patchworkers and AI managers as sacks of bio matter ready for the recycling bin. Can she create the patch to repair the AI? Or will it kill her first?


Cerise Laudine: Fire and Mist is out!

Fire and Mist, Book 3 of the Wells of Souls series is out now, and Immortal Desires, Book 1, is only .99! All three in the series are free to read in KU. Romance, Time-travel, and Highland alpha males await you. Get swept away this summer!

Derek Mackay, 16th century laird and Druid extraordinaire, is doubly cursed—with knowledge he isn’t supposed to have, and by a goddess whose wrath he didn’t mean to incur. The curse promises sure death to any betrothed of his, including the beautiful woman surrounded by Immortal magic who suddenly appears in his life and arouses in him a wellspring of bittersweet desire. The only way to save her is to stay away from her.

Erin Kelley is restless, craving the missing piece in an otherwise contented life. Romance. A man to take her breath away. A man to keep for life. A family to cherish with him. Swept back in time on a dare, she’s confronted by an angry Highland laird—an alpha male both irresistible and determined to keep her at arm’s length. His words push her away, but his emotions pull her in. Ordinary contentment will never again be enough—not when the world contains the extraordinary Laird Mackay.

Jeff Chapman: The Black Blade paperback giveaway!

Paperbacks for The Black Blade are here and there's still time to enter the giveaway on Goodreads. Three signed copies are up for grabs (for residents of the U.S. and Canada). The giveaway ends on June 30. Follow the link below to enter.

Enter the Giveaway on Goodreads

An enchanted blade. An evil old man. An ancient spirit behind a mask. The Weird West just gets weirder.

The Black Blade is a weird western novel in Jeff Chapman's Huckster Tales series, mixing horror, fantasy, and comedy in an Old West setting. Climb up in the wagon and follow Orville and Jimmy as they once again plunge over their heads into supernatural trouble.



  1. Huge congratulations to all.
    On this side of the world I am enjoying winter. Feel free to hang onto summer for just as long as you can.
    Snuggling up with a book and winter belong together.

    1. EC - I'd rather see autumn and spring rotate. We could abolish winter and summer completely!

    2. I'm not a fan of heat, so would rather have winter. But then I couldn't use the moon roof... hmm...

  2. Congrats to everyone and their books!


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