A to Z Challenge: F is for Flames

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Here at Untethered Realms, we're taking on the Challenge as a group. Each day, one of us will be sharing with you a teaser from one of our books.

Today is F day!

F is for Flames...

From Polar Day by Julie Flanders

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  1. Drat you. Polar Night was awesome and now it seems I am going to HAVE to read Polar Day as well.

  2. Both Polar Night and Polar Day are superb reads!

  3. Wow, things sure did get a little hot around here. What a captivating piece.

  4. That's a very descriptive scene!

  5. *shudder* That is a heart-rending description!

  6. A fantastic teaser! This book is awesome. :)

  7. @Elephant's Child, oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed Polar Night!! Thank you!!

    @Nick, thanks so much!

    @Angela, a little bit, LOL. Thanks!

    @Melanie, I'm so glad you think so, thank you.

    @River, that's what I was aiming for, thanks! :)

    @Christine, I'm thrilled you liked the book, thank you!

  8. What a way to die-excellent description

  9. Loved the first book, so was excited to read this one. Now I'm extra excited. Wow.

  10. I love the sound of all your books. This quote is a tasty tidbit. Thanks!

  11. Gosh Julie - that really calls me in - not sure about the screams and burning body - but great photo and quote from your book .. must read them .. cheers Hilary

  12. @Birgit, it was definitely gruesome. Thanks!

    @Mary, I hope you will like it, thanks so much.

    @Stephanie, oh, thank you!

    @Hilary, I'm scared to death of fire so I don't know why I wrote this, it creeps me out LOL. Thank you!

  13. That was one supercharged excerpt! Made me shrink back a bit.

  14. Yikes, what an excerpt. What a horrible thing to experience or even to watch. I don't know how people used to watch the burning of witches. . .

  15. Sounds terrifying. My kind of read!!! LOL.

  16. Sounds terrifying. My kind of read!!! LOL.

  17. I have to admit, I recoiled, flinched, and grimaced reading those scenes. Well Done, Julie!!!!!

  18. @Lee, I'm sorry it made you shrink back but glad it did too! Thanks.

    @Kate, thanks!

    @DG, yeah, it's impossible to imagine. Of all the ways to die, that has to be one of the worst and most terrifying.

    @Catherine, yay, thanks!

    @Donna, thank you!

    @Cathrina, thanks so much. :)

    @TF, thanks!

  19. Great details with the roar of the fire eclipsing the screams and the sparks in the sky.


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