Phasers Inspired by Star Trek #Giveaway #Grogz

Welcome to Phasers!

The Rules

I, the game master, will offer up a word associated with a popular science fiction show, such as phaser. The first commenter would then give a word he or she associates with phaser, such as stun. The next commenter would then give a word he or she associates with stun, such as shock. The next commenter would then give a word he or she associates with shock, such as electric. And so one...

All commenters will get put into today's drawing. An extra entry for first and last comment. No comments will be counted after 8:00 p.m. eastern time US each day.

Today's Prizes

$25 Amazon Giftcard donated by Kimberly Afe
your choice of an ebook by M. Pax
an ebook copy of either Taking Time or Passing Time by Ellie Garratt 

Today's Game

Star Trek serves as the inspiration today. The game word is:


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The book bundle includes ebooks from authors: Catherine Stine, M. Gerrick, Cherie Reich, Graeme Ing, Christine Rains, Laura Eno, Ellie Garratt, M. Pax, Angela Brown, Gwen Gardner, Nicki Elson, Melanie Schulz, Julie Flanders, Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Today's Phasers is now closed.

Any game play after closing will not be put in the drawing. You can play for fun if you wish, and Phasers will be back with a new game tomorrow.


  1. Sandra

    (as in Bullock, who was in the movie "Speed")

  2. Kills (Gravity Kills is an awesome industrial band here in St. Louis whose music has been in several movies, including Mortal Kombat)

  3. Redshirt (fiction always kills this character soon after being introduced)


  4. Commented for the Joust today and I'm playing the Dragon Hunt (which is proving to be very difficult!)
    Love the concepts though!
    Huzzah <3

  5. Football. Isn't there some kind of redshirting concept involved in the high school version?

    Great game!

  6. Today's Phasers game is now closed. You can still play, but you won't be put into today's drawing.

    Tomorrow is another day with more prizes. Yay!

  7. oops My kindle apparently hicuped twice. Sorry about that.

  8. Stockade Brigade, Castle Jumble,

  9. Stockade Brigade, Castle Jumble,

  10. Stockade Brigade, Castle Jumble,


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