Legend of the Mothman #Paranormal

By Jason W. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/fokket/4011253068/) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Have you heard of the Mothman? Have you seen him?

The first sighting happened in November 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia. Six men were digging a grave and saw a winged figure fly overhead. Three days later, two couples in Point Pleasant stated they saw a similar flying figure.

"A flying man with ten-foot wings. Its eyes glowed red when hit by the car lights."

During the next few days, there were several other sightings. Some claimed to have premonitions about a bridge collapse. A month later, a local bridge, the Silver Bridge, collapsed and killed 46 people.

Was the Mothman trying to warn them?

The legend is mixed up with UFO sightings and visits by 'men in black.' A wildlife expert suggested the sightings were a sandhill crane. However, there are too many 'reliable' eyewitness accounts of the creature and strange lights for the 'mothman' to be so easily dismissed.

In 2016, more sightings of the Mothman were reported in Chicago. I have to wonder what this elusive being wants. I have to wonder in general.

On a trip to the remote Oregon town that inspires Settler (the town where The Rifters is set), I misread a sign. I can't remember the 'mundane' words, but I recall reading, Premonition Center. At the time, I was looking for ideas for book 4 in the series, and the Premonition Center stuck with me.

The Mothman is a natural fit with premonitions, and I mixed in a little Mothra as well. Moths are very abundant in the summer months here. When I'm astronomizing, they often bombard me in the eye or cheek.

Oregon always inspires my stories, especially The Rifters series.

The Tracer, Rifters Book 4 releases March 13 and is available for preorder!

The portal connecting Earth to other worlds reopens, and Daelin Long stands ready to rescue her sister. After a winter of strenuous training, she’s prepared to battle the evil her sister warns against.  Only, the rift is more unpredictable. The Mothman arrives whispering of death and transports Daelin to a land with seven moons. There, she faces a monster that can exist in two universes at the same time. Refusing to believe her fate is sealed, Daelin searches for the way home. With only her staff, her wits, and an uninformed detective, she dares to lead the fight. Otherwise, her sister and Earth don’t have a chance.

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A monstrous secret hides in the backwoods of a remote western town—a portal connecting our world to forty-two other universes. The visitors—most would call them terrifying—often have devastating effects. Their destruction hasn’t been intentional… until lately. The usual band of protectors, The Rifters, defend us with daring and weapons built from coils, gears, and crystals, which is no longer enough. Earth’s survival depends on an outlaw from 1888 and a librarian with a knack for ghosts.
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    1. It all came together. I love when different ideas snap into place.

  2. I've always found that legend fascinating as so many people have claimed to have seen the Mothman. It makes sense he's warning people. Now if only they knew what he was warning them about!

  3. Premonition Center. Love that and the view of the Oregon landscape.

    1. I loved it, too. I wish there was a premonition center. I'd definitely visit.

  4. I watched that Mothman movie they had out in the early 2000s. It's interesting so many people supposedly saw it.

  5. I like reading about these creatures. They're always fun legends. This one I know they always say people are just seeing an owl.

    1. Legends and mysteries are fun. It maybe was just a bird, but it's fun to think otherwise.

  6. That is an interesting legend. Happy IWSG Day. Could not find comments on your site so came here. Congrats on new release too. Great series.

  7. It's great when you can use what's around you to generate stories. It adds to the realism factor.

  8. I love it when life hands us something great, like Premonition Center. :)
    Congrats on all of your writing, M!

  9. I hope I never see the Mothman. I'm totally terrified of the picture LOL. Love the Premonition Center! What a great "mistake."

  10. I love this! Maybe it was an angel though. A real live angel from heaven! And I'd visit the Premonition Center. Sounds like a good time to me ;)


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