Cathrina's Review of The Body Dwellers by J.A. Kazimer #specfic

In a world divided by genetics and a concrete wall, Indeara Adair, a mutant enforcer survives by kicking the occasional gnome ass. A job her half-human, half-mutant cells make her terrifyingly skilled at. Life is good with a few exceptions, namely, an elite force of cops who have Indeara in their sights, not to mention the reappearance of Quinn Daniels, a man who betrayed her three years ago to dwell among the human race. A man she must now protect in order to save the mutant population. Yet these are the least of Indeara’s concerns, for somewhere, a plague destined to destroy the mutants is scheduled for release. A plague developed by Indeara’s own grandfather. With the help of a ragtag group of mutants led by the mysterious head of the rebel cause, Jake McClain, Indeara slips beyond the wall and into the human world to aid those she loves, and to learn the truth behind her own genetic code.

Cathrina's Review:

Julie Kazimer is a prolific and gifted author who knows how to keep the reader on the edge. In The Body Dwellers, Julie takes us on a wild, fast paced rollercoaster ride. You barely have time to inhale before the protagonist, Indeara, who is half-mutant, five-foot-six, dressed in a skullcap, black cargo pants, and pink combat boots kicks some butt. A Stannum is a term Indeara hates, it's a genetic mutation of metals which protects her cells and heals like lightning, however, she feels pain like any human. But humans fear her more than any other mutations because she's harder to kill and more willing to die.

The world of mutants is being infiltrated by a deadly plague, the harsh, hard hitting community barely thrives as humans have sequestered them behind a walled barrier. Humans are scared of a mutant apocalypse, motivated by prejudice and lies. 

Indeara believes her wealthy, human grandfather has devised a drug to make mutants into humans. The scientist thinks nothing of butchering mutants for his gain. Indeara wishes to join the Resistance to fight against their human killers.

In the beginning of the novel you read that Quinn, the love of Indeara's life has plugged three bullets into her before defecting to the human side of the wall. Needless to say there is a cool, love interest twist to this novel that I enjoyed. 

The Body Dwellers is a pistol whipping, kick butt, hard assed, love 'em and kill 'em novel that will leave you gasping.


  1. I love a heroine that kicks butt! Great review.

  2. The Body Dwellers sounds like a cook book! Thanks for the review!

  3. Sounds like a great read! And it's great to learn of an author who is new to me. Thanks for sharing, Cathy!


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