Happenings in the Realm: Huzzizzle March 2015 - #SpecFicChat on Twitter: Build a Better Hero

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Build a Better Hero
What are your ideas for upgrading the hero / heroine for the new millennia?
When: Friday, March 20th, Noon EDT
Where: Twitter - Type in #SpecFicChat to join in the conversation
Hosted by: @Unrealms and @mpax1

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Catherine Stine

My YA sci-fi, Ruby's Fire is on sale for 99 cents for a very short while more before I take it off Selects and raise the price. So, take advantage, folks, if you're curious... It's got all the weird stuff: drugs, mutations, love triangles, dangerous cults. LOL.  Amazon US, UK

Any Jersey/PA/NY peeps in the house? I will be appearing at New Jersey's Create Something Magical Conference this weekend. It's in Iselin, NJ at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, Saturday March 21 and Sunday, March 22. I will have a book table and would love to meet you. So, come on down if you are looking for fun stuff to do.

I have a brand spankin' new box set of my Art of Love series. Not sci-fi, but hey, as I said before, love is sci-fi and freaky... for a look-see click here. Amazon ebk. & paper., B&N paper.

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A fledgling vampire wakes in a funeral home run by demons.

The newest release from Christine Rains is here!

Buy the book:


  1. Yay for #SpecFicChat! I hope to grab a few minutes today and hop online.

  2. I'm hoping to drop in some for #SpecFicChat today. Congrats to Christine! Loved Of Blood and Sorrow!

  3. Hopefully I can tune in when the baby's napping. I did grab Ruby's Fire for 99 cents, thank you Catherine Stine. Next is of Blood & Sorrow by Christine Rains!

  4. Lots of great stuff going on! Have my copy of Blood and Sorrow. Can't wait!

  5. Cool stuff, peeps! Congrats to Christine on her new release.

  6. Wow, thanks, Cathrina! After my teaching semester's over I hope to catch up on UR reading!

  7. Buidling a good hero is a good topic regardless of the genre you write. :-) I do twitter once and while. I'm just not a twitter fan. But then, as my family like to remind me, I hate texting like stuff. I will text you but don't ask me to carryon a conversation that way. To me, it's sound bites, not real conversations, lol!

    Lot of great things happening in your neck of the woods!

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  8. I hope you all have fun - and find the necessary tools/implements/thingymajigs to build better heroes/heroines. And better bad guys too.

  9. That chat was a lot of fun. Glad I found the time to peek in on Twitter this morning!

  10. Hi Mary - need to get to Twitter .. Hope the conference will be fun .. good luck to all with the books - cheers Hilary

  11. Sounds like a great chat. Congrats to Christine! Of Blood and Sorrow sounds chilling but thrilling!


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